Friday, April 19, 2013

Movie review: Jaws

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 A mammoth great white shark terrorizes the "summer town" of Amity, threatening its citizens and its season's income. Local shark hunter Quint teams up with the town sheriff and a shark expert to hunt the beast. From there it becomes a buddy film as the three men manage to not quite bond on their quest to slay the dragon.


Jaws is one of the great movies. It's both absurdly dated and continually fresh. I probably watch it once a year or so, and it's always entertaining. Even if we're just laughing over the mayor's sports jackets, it's still a good time.


  1. Whenever I watch Jaws, the one that continually surprises me is Richard Dreyfus. Remember the scene where he shows his scar -- from where Mary Ellen Moffit broke his heart? He's completely charming in a movie that's pretty low on charm.

    1. He really is! I don't think I've seen him as charming since.