Friday, April 26, 2013

A 3-D "printout" of your child before it's born. Because science.

image: MSN news
When I had my babies, ultrasounds were fairly new on the O.B. scene, and not at all SOP. It required a medical order to get one, I had to go to a special lab, and what I saw was a white blob on a black screen. The technician had to point out body parts. A printout? Why would you even want one?

By the time Bear was born, you didn't have to leave the exam room to get an ultrasound, which was standard part of the pre-term experience. Not only did you get a printout, but it was labeled, including specific body parts, my name and the date the ultrasound was performed.

Now we have 3D ultrasounds that give a detailed look at the baby. And the next newest thing... 3-D printers that allow blind parents to touch and feel what their baby "looks" like before it's born. I'm sure it has - or will have - some medical applications as well.


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