Sunday, February 03, 2013

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery challenge

I've decided to take part in Witchin' in the Kitchen's challenge. As I consider my options for expressing my faith, I'm continually drawn to the nature-based rituals. This may help sort that out.

30 Days of Kitchen Witchery

1. Why kitchen witchery?

2. What makes a kitchen witch?

3. What doesn't make a kitchen witch?

4. Your favorite tool(s) (photos)

5. Favorite kitchen task and why

6. Least favorite kitchen task and why

7. How do you imbue magic into your hearth and home?

8. Special cleaning rituals/practices

9. Pre-cooking preparing practices

10. Recipe for love

11. Recipe for prosperity

12. Recipe for peace

13.Do you stir deosil or widdershins?

14.Your kitchen altar

15. Kitchen deities

16.Your kitchen deity

17.Your favorite food/meal to make in honor of your kitchen deity

18.Songs or chants that you use while cooking

19. Mealtime blessing

20. Blog about hunger

21. Do you have a familiar? Is your familiar allowed in the kitchen?

22. Favorite cookbook(s)

23.Diet and magic

24.Meat and magic (or no meat, depending on your preferences)

25. Junk food and magic

26. Favorite sabbat dishes

27. What other magic do you do in the kitchen? (Witch bottles, candles, incense, bath salts...)

28. Do you listen to music while you cook? What? Is it specific to the food you are making?

29. Worst kitchen disaster

30. The future of your path

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