Thursday, August 09, 2012

The August Project 2012: August 9, 2012

The happiness challenge: (from yesterday): ice cream makes me happy. Especially specialty ice cream. Like Almond Joy, Grapenut and Cashew Crunch. Mmmm. I used the Groupon I bought to buy ice cream for me and Bear, and we shared the three flavors. Lovely.
(today): Air conditioning. When it's hot and muggy outside, I live like a privileged American princess in a cool, comfortable 71 degrees. I know what a luxury that is.

Cashew caramel crunch ice cream
Cashew Caramel Crunch

Almond Joy and Grapenut ice cream
Almond Joy on top and Grapenut on the bottom.

Today I realized that I'm older than Elvis was when he died. I don't know why I find that particularly unsettling, I just thought of him as quite old at the time of his death. Perhaps because I was 12 at the time.

Yesterday I took Bear to the doc for a follow-up on her back. She's still having a lot of pain, so he's having her get physical therapy and see an Orthopod. We made the first appointment for PT, and they gave her a booklet of stretching exercises to do at home. One session of their recommended stretching, and she already reports feeling much better.

I haven't weighed in in several days, so I'll have to see how that's going. I'm pretty convinced it's not great.

The big TV is still in the house. Thanks anyway, landlords. I'll figure it out myself.


  1. The ice cream is truly making my mouth water!

  2. Remember, when you handle the TV, lift from the knees! I remember thinking Elvis, at 42, was very old, too. "He'd made a fortune, seen Europe, had a kid. Elvis lived his life, so what's all the fuss?"

    Oh, that ice cream!