Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Catching up on the August project - August 7, 2012

Happiness challenge: Saturday we went to the zoo. I love spending time enjoying the weather, seeing Bear and her boyfriend happy together, and seeing animals do their amusing, amazing things; Sunday Bear went to boyfriend's house for a few hours. It was delicious to have the house to myself for awhile. Monday I bought a "groupon" for $10 worth of ice cream. I love these discount programs that allow me to do things I couldn't ordinarily afford to do, like take Bear out for ice cream. Also, I love ice cream. Today I'm going to the library. I love and am a big supporter of public libraries. They provide access to so many important things, like news, information, culture. They're cooling and warming stations. They provide entertainment and education.

Weigh in. 

 Exercise 30 minutes (cumulative): Other than walking around the zoo on Saturday, I probably didn't manage 30 minutes of exercise over the whole weekend. Bleh.

Dinner tonight: Not sure, but after dinner will involve a meal plan for the rest of the week.
Currently reading: Nathan Hale: the life and death of America's first spy and Plain Truth

Progress on 101 Things List: I added about 10 new things to the list.

I{h}R blog post: On Friday, my boss bought pizza for the office from a local pizzeria I'd never tried. I wrote a review about it, and it will publish tomorrow.
Get the big TV out of the house: On Sunday I asked my landlord again to help move the tv. He said either tomorrow or Tuesday. Since it wasn't tomorrow, I'll nudge him about it for today.
Do today's cleaning chore: the entryway: wipe down the window sill, tidy up the table and sweep/mop the floor. Do a load of laundry. Dust the dining room table and chairs.
How/what will we celebrate today? Today is National Watermelon Day. We'll celebrate by trying a new recipe: Savory watermelon and blue cheese salad.
Update calendar for tomorrow:
Providence City Hall
A shot of the stairs in Providence City Hall

New Children's Tree House New Children's Tree House
The new children's tree house at Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence

Blogging: Kwizgiver and The Gal Herself each gave me the same blogging award. I've started the response, but haven't finished it yet. I want to get that done this week.

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  1. Love, LOVE the photos! And Groupons are great. Right now I'm wearing a sweet little CZ necklace I got for just $20 (70% off)!