Sunday, July 15, 2012

In which I consider (again) the merits of an online diary

Today's one of those very rare days where I blog just to hear myself "talk out loud."

I often think I'll start using this blog as a diary, looking at people like Elisha Hunt Rhodes, Mary Chesnut, Samuel Pepys, etc., whose diaries are our only indication of how the events of their time effected average people. Then I think... "first, this isn't 17th Century England or 19th Century America during the Civil War. Diarists aren't rare. In fact, you can't swing a dead lolcat on the Internet without hitting an online diary," and second "you don't keep up with your blog as it is." and finally "you really don't know that much about the details of current events to posit an informed opinion." and the only thing I dislike more than being wrong is being wrong in public.

The more paranoid part of my brain adds, "this is all online. When the "next phase" comes along, and we're all archaeology, it's very possible that our technology will be long gone and irretrievable." God help the Internet if Google goes under.

However, an online diary doesn't have to be for the general posterity. It could be meaningful to myself as I go through life, to look back at what I was doing last year or forty years ago. Of course,  I'm at an odd age for that. You'd think if I was going to do something like that, I would have started in high school. Then, I was often either five years ahead or thirty years behind the curve.

Today, Bear is hanging out with friends, and I'm enjoying my oft-longed-for day of blissfully alone.  I'm watching "Sherlock," and reminding myself that I really want to get the lumber I need to make my window seat. And to finish recovering the dining room chairs.

C moved away just five days ago. I was determined that this would mean a major life-change for Bear and me. But Bear took a tumble down the stairs and landed on her backside. Although her x-rays came back perfect, she's still having a lot of pain, so our activity has been limited.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. the past few weeks had been very hectic, with getting the house ready for for company and C's leaving. The ever-changing landscape of the house was a little stressful, so it's been nice to take things pretty easy. Bear and I did put together a healthy meal plan for the week, and with the help of one of those electric shopping carts/scooters, went grocery shopping. Can I just say, those things are the funnest. Also, we'll be eating vegetarian for five out of seven days this week. And groceries for 2 still cost more than $100. How??

I'm worried about what food prices will look like in a few months, with the droughts in the midwest. Could it be that buying local will also be more economical? Anyone who thinks you can shop cheaper for produce at the farmer's market has clearly not been shopping in Rhode Island.

We've been woefully (embarrassingly) lazy about writing posts for the I {heart} Rhody blog, to the point where some of the places we went to are so long ago that we don't remember the experience. We have to create a writing/doing schedule that's more reflective.

I think we need an updated general schedule. Yesterday I was 4 weeks smoke-free. I think it's time to start working off those extra pounds I put on (plus the many, many extra pounds I already had). Plus I'd like to start doing more photography for pleasure. On the other hand, it's really too damn hot to spend any appreciable time outdoors. Which makes outdoor exercising not so great. I really must find an affordable public pool.


  1. If the public nature of keeping an online diary is holding you back, you could try Oh Life, a private online diary. I've been using it for a couple of years and love it.

  2. I miss writing in my old LiveJournal. Documenting my own life with its events, emotions, and reactions was a great thing to look back on. I've got such a lousy short-term memory. I can't remember what I did a week ago ...or if I do, it was, in reality, more likely a month ago.
    Not sure why I didn't continue to blog on blogspot.
    Facebook is okay, but it's not the same. It's just that that's where everybody goes, so it's easier to keep in touch.
    Either way, if privacy is an issue, you can always adjust the settings on your posts so that only certain people can read them.

    Good luck with the continued healthier lifestyle choices! I don't work out well in the heat, but it's gotten to the point where if I don't get to Planet Fitness twice a week to run on the treadmill for 15 - 20 minutes and use the weight machines, I feel like I'm missing something. Somehow I don't mind getting all sweaty that way. I almost enjoy it!
    Start slow and easy and you can do it too!!!

  3. Be thankful you didn't keep a diary from your teens - I came across one of mine and was ever thankful it remained for my eyes only!!!

    Yes - farmers markets are way expensive here too. Why is that? I feel guilty if I don't buy from them but don't find it all that great for my budget.

    BIG congrats on the smoke free hurdle. Five and a half years for me - I never looked back. One of the most frightful things I ever accomplished.