Thursday, June 21, 2012

Learn something new

According to Listverse, the image below used to adorn the entrance to Rockerfeller Center:

Man at the Crossroads by Diego Rivera via Listverse
"Commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller to create a mural for the entrance to Rockefeller Center, Diego Riveria was given the theme “man at the crossroads,” a utopian sentiment chosen by Rockefeller to stir ambitions for a hopeful political future in the viewer. Riveria had ambitions for a very different political future than his patron when he painted two leftist heroes, Trotsky and Lenin, standing amidst a crowd of workers. Rockefeller demanded the painting be altered, but Riveria refused. The painting was covered with a curtain upon completion, an act which was met with many protests. Despite the public outcry, the mural was destroyed by workers."

Rockefeller hired Josep Maria Sert to paint a mural to replace it. Sert finished in 1941:

American Progress by Josep Maria Sert via Garin Baker
You can learn more about the arworks themselves on Rockefeller Center's site, but I didn't see much about the controversy.

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