Sunday, January 29, 2012

World's biggest opal

I love opals. I think they're beautiful, and they happen to be my birthstone, so I'm not tempting fate or superstition by buying one for myself.

TYWKIWDBI recently featured an article about the world's largest opal matrix, uncovered in Australia.

"The opal is about 30 cms in length with a height of 15-20 cms and a 4 cm thickness. Its estimated value is at least 1 million dollars USD. However as far as opals go, this one has set the benchmark which is certainly going to remain for the next few years. Historically, the largest opal found so far was just 6,100 carats in size. The current one is nearly ten times that size." ~ JustLuxe
File this one under "Jewelry you can give to me."

This article has also somehow rekindled my interest in astrology. Huh.


  1. It's beautiful and brings up a fascinating question: What to do with it?

  2. I imagine it will either go to a museum or private collection, or it will be cut into multiple pieces for jewelry.