Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you and yours are enjoying a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with the ones you love. Bear and I are enjoying our holiday meal with family and friends.

A few of our Thanksgiving traditions:

The Macy's parade
If I don't see Tom Turkey in the parade, it leaves a pall over the whole day.
Inflatable turkeys
bring me joy every time I see them

Miracle on 34th St.

Don't even suggest any other version than the 1947 Natalie Wood one.

Gulliver's Travels
watch the full movie here
A family tradition for 30-odd years. Gulliver's Travels was released in 1939 by the Fleischers, Disney's only real competition at the time. It abbreviates the story by Jonathon Swift using human-like figures for the protagonist and love interests, and caricatures for the supporting characters. We'll be humming "All's Well" for days afterward.

I think this card by Natalie Sklobovskaya is just adorable.

And now, a nice vintage Thanksgiving card for you, courtesy of "Green Witch with Sprinkles"

What are your family's Thanksgiving traditions?

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