Thursday, October 06, 2011

October 5, 2011 - evening

1. Did you repeat your quote of the day 10 times today? No
2. How did you celebrate today’s holiday? I didn't. Again.
3. How was your clothing/jewelry received today? No comment
4. How did you feel today? Exhausted. I came home from work and went right to sleep.
5. What did you eat today?
-breakfast: cinnamon toast w/ cream cheese, pumpkin coffee
-lunch: Chinese food: boneless ribs, no sauce, pork fried rice
-snack: pizza combos
-dinner: a little scalloped potato
-dessert: Caitlin brought home carrot cake from Gregg's
6. Did you accomplish your goal at home today? not even a little
7. Did you do your autumn activity for the day? no. So frustrated.
8. Show your best photograph of the day see above
9. What spiritual thing did you do today? ibid.
10. Have you prayed today? nope
11. How did you help someone else today? by napping instead of snapping
12. What is a good thing that you want to remember about today? 
13. What mistake did you make today, and how will you avoid making it again? I let myself get overtired. Also, I ate far too much junk food. I'll go to bed at a decent hour and be more aware of what I eat.
14. Did you do your I {heart} Rhody blog activity? yes
15. Did you blog what you planned? yes
16. Did you finish your other plans? no
17. What was something in the news that got your attention? news?
18. Did you exercise today? no

Wow, last night was another huge miss. Even the nap didn't turn out. I had an extremely bizarre dream about being chased by Nazis while a woman narrated what was happening, as if I was re-enacting her memories. Except that instead of being in a camp, we were in an abandoned school or other building of that type. Paging Dr. Freud.

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