Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Halloween meme

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Which urban legend ghost scared the bejeesuz out of you when you were a kid? The psycho with the hook for a hand.

Which horror movie has the best premise? Nightmare on Elm Street

What is the most disappointing “treat” to receive in your bag on Halloween night? rocks

What’s the best non-candy item to receive? money

Did a monster live in your closet when you were a child? no

Which supernatural creature sent chills up your spine when you were ten and still does? the devil

Which supernatural creature makes you yawn? zombies

What’s your favorite Halloween decoration? pumpkins

If you could be anywhere on Halloween night, where would you be? Salem, Mass.

What’s the scariest book you’ve read so far this year? Still Missing, but not for the usual reasons.

Haunted houses or haunted hayrides? either

Which Stephen King novel/movie would you least like to find yourself trapped in? Misery

Which is creepiest: evil dolls, evil pets, evil children? evil children

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