Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October 4, 2011 evening

1. Did you repeat your quote of the day 10 times today? No, but I got about 4 or 5
2. How did you celebrate today’s holiday? I really didn't. My evening did not turn out at all as I'd planned this morning.
3. How was your clothing/jewelry received today? Bear said she loved how my shirt looked.
4. How did you feel today? Pretty good, overall. Tired, though
5. What did you eat today? 
-Breakfast: Cinnamon toast w/ cream cheese, pumpkin spice coffee
-snacks: pizza combos
-Lunch: Taco Bell
-Dinner: Grilled cheese with avocado, chocolate/peanut butter ice cream.
6. Did you accomplish your goal at home today? No. My evening plans were highjacked. But in a nice way.
7. Did you do your autumn activity for the day? No, it rained, making it not the best day to put up outdoor decorations.
8. Show your best photograph of the day Nope, no photos either.
9. What spiritual thing did you do today? Nothing.
10. Have you prayed today? No. I'll have to make a date with myself to review this list in the evening for the reminders.
11. How did you help someone else today? I held a door for someone. Also, I cancelled my evening plans to go to Savers with Caitlin. 
12. What is a good thing that you want to remember about today? I found a couple of really nice sweaters at Savers.
13. What mistake did you make today, and how will you avoid making it again? Not accomplishing what I meant to. I'll have to maybe print out the list so I can refer to it during the day.
14. Did you do your I {heart} Rhody blog activity? No. ::sigh::
15. Did you blog what you planned? No.
16. Did you finish your other plans? Game night, yes. Fortunately, there are other people to remind me if I forget.

Okay, so not a stellar start, but not a reason to give up. Caitlin's request to go to Savers (I'd been promising to go there with her for a couple of weeks) changed the plans for the evening, although not in a bad way. Shopping for sweaters is sort of a fall activity, right?

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