Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Monthly wrap-up

Stolen with love from Kwizgiver

1) Candle scents this month: none

2) What I read this month: How We Decide; In the Shadow of Gotham; Rogue Island; Bossypants, Still Missing

3) Top three songs I was drawn to: don't really remember

4) Movies I saw: Season of the Witch (awful!), True Grit 2010, Red Riding Hood, The Switch (meh), Mrs. Miracle.

5) Favorite tv moments of the month: July isn't a big TV month, although Design Star did start a new season. Also The Booth at the End was interesting.

6) Something yummy I made: Lemon parsley noodles

7) Restaurants where I ate: The Abbey

8.) Five things I am loving this month: The beach, my extended family, canoeiing

9) A goal I had for this month: no specific goals this month

10) This month I looked forward to: Visiting with my family, especially our canoe trip.

11) Something I want to remember about this month: The canoe trip.

12) A photo I took this month: Shots of the new kitten

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