Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011

Yesterday was rainy and vaguely breezy. I spent a lot of the day watching the Weather Channel's live feed of Hurricane Irene, but it didn't arrive in Rhode Island until this morning.

Woke up with no power. It apparently had gone out at about 6:10 am. Family all reported in as safe and okay. We puttered around a little and napped a bit. several good-sized branches are down in the backyard, and one broke off the tree and is stuck with the other branches. No telling when that one may fall.

Our area saw 75 degree temps, rain off and on (but not really heavy). There were big gusts, downed trees and power outages, but no reports of death or destruction. Some RI'ers will be without power for several days, but ours was back on by about 9:15 pm. I had bought a hand-crank radio/flashlight/cell charger a couple of years ago, and it came in SO handy. The news crew at WPRO was right on top of the storm, and we were able to keep up with it by radio and not feel so cut off. The worst of it was done by mid-afternoon, and there's just a few gusty breezes left now.

Bear's first day of school was pushed back a day.

Still have to hang the decor in the kitchen, but I found a color to paint the bottom half of the living room walls, beneath the chair rail. It manages to match the existing colors and be one of my favorite colors: peacock blue. So excited to buy the paint and get that done, but we'll do the kitchen first.

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