Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 23, 2011

Took Bear to Day 2 of orientation. She's already made a new friend in her homeroom class and is looking forward to learning where all her classrooms are. We found her science classroom yesterday.

Got back to work after I dropped her back home and was working away only to hear about the earthquake in Virginia - 5.9 - that rumbled in DC and evacuated the capitol. We didn't feel anything in our office, nor did the girls at home, but apparently Downcity felt it, and the State House was evacuated when it shook. Geez! Family from all over the East coast have reported in safe and sound.

Made a pilgrimage to the Barrington library, dropped off and picked up some new books. I'm frustrated that I have managed to misplace a cd from an audiobook. I'm so sure I had the whole thing complete in the car, and now there's a disk missing.

Another nice day, not too hot, nice cool breeze. It's feeling more like September. The weather report says that Hurricane Irene could hit the East Coast this weekend, but those things are so unpredictable it's not worth bothering over until closer to the weekend. Even then, we can't be too sure. I hope it misses landfall, but gives us some great waves at the beach.

Stopped in at G's to get the key for while we watch his cat. Important to remember:
1. Leave the keys in the garage so he isn't locked out when he gets home.
2. Feed the cat.

Came home and the kitchen had been painted w/ a second coat. It finally felt usable, and I was so excited to cook in it!

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