Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Took Bear to her first day of high school orientation. She's nervous, but so is everyone else. She's also determined to make this year the "year of academic excellence."

Went in for bloodwork. Stood in line for ten  minutes only to be told to go sit down and wait to be called, only to be told "we don't have your paperwork, it's down in medicine." Once I got past the front desk, I was in and out in five minutes. Efficient people rule.

Bleh and lethargic at work. I think I've been drinking too much coffee lately. Then when I don't have any, I can't wake up.

Weather was perfect: warm, sunny but a cool breeze. I would have loved to take the afternoon off and gone to the beach. I'd even scheduled this day off, and then canceled it. Dunno if I would have enjoyed the beach as much as the weather deserved today; I probably would have fallen asleep and missed it.

When I came home, The Graduate was painting the kitchen. Huzzah! I was going to suggest an evening trip to the beach, but I've been putting off this project for so long, I didn't want to leave it.

Tried Lean Cuisine Broccoli Cheddar dip today. Blech.

Watched "A Portrait of Jennie" today, and should review it.

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  1. Wow, nice to see a more personal post on your blog!

    Thumbs up, my dear; keep it comin'!