Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Movie Meme

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but I'm trying to be better about keeping up with my bloggy buddies:

Molly at the Bumbles Blog hosts the Monday Movie Meme. Stop by to see what she has to say, and visit the other participants!

This week's movie topic is all about Epic Battle Scenes...

"Share on your blog those battle scenes that are so epic, they make you stop everything to watch. Link back here so that others can find you."

The first one that comes to mind isn't an army v army battle, but more of a battle between two men: the chariot race in Ben-Hur. It's the most exciting 10 minutes in film. I couldn't find an embed, but here's a link to the full sequence.

Second has to be the opening scenes from Saving Private Ryan. Reportedly, this was a dead-on accurate depiction. Warning: not for the faint-of-heart.

Next is the lightsaber duel between Luke and Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, a classic and still a :

And finally we have the final scenes of United 93: The passengers v the hijackers. Taut, claustrophobic and gripping, and yet so hopeless. Gut-wrenching.


  1. I haven't seen the last film you mention. I'll have to check it out!

  2. Nice choices, I'm glad I'm not the only Star Wars geek around here, lol. I would have done Saving Private Ryan aswell, but I figured a lot of folks will do it. Thanks for stopping by my blog though. Tuesday Tunes tomorrow, I hope you'll try that out aswell. Its a meme I started last week. =)

  3. United 93 is a fantastic choice, yet a sad, but courageous film. My family are friends with Todd Beamer's aunt and uncle (who are such an inspiring and Godly family).

  4. Love Saving Private Ryan and Star Wars! I've seen United 93, but I didn't think of it. Clever!