Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas meme 3

another creatively acquired meme from the coffers of Kwizgiver

1. Does your family send Christmas cards? I've been off cards the last several years, but I'm trying to get back into sending them again.

2. How soon do you start shopping?: the day after Christmas

3. Who do you shop for?: family, friends and coworkers

4. Do you put up a Christmas tree?: oh yes

5. If so, is it fake or real?: sadly, fake

6. Do you like tinsel?: I like tinsel garland

7. Do you use homemade or store bought ornaments?: both

8. Do you put Christmas lights outside your house?: yes

9. Do you put lights on the tree?: yes

10. How about popcorn and cranberries?: I have yet to figure out how to string cranberries. I can't get the needle through.

11. Is there a wreath hanging on your door?: no, but I wish there was!

13. Do you hang up your stocking?: oh yes

14. Does your family read "Twas the night before Christmas?": no. we used to read the Christmas story

15. Christmas Movie?: A Christmas Carol

16. Character from any Christmas Movie: Scrooge

17. Christmas Song: so much depends on my mood. Most often it's "O Holy Night"

18. Christmas Memory: anything involving the kids

This or That :
19. Give or Receive?: give

22. Ham or Turkey?: meh, either

24. White Lights or Colored Lights? it depends

25. Blinking Lights or Still Lights: Twinkling

26. Were you Naughty or Nice this year?: pretty nice

27. What do you want for Christmas this year?: lots of things

28. When do you open your gifts?: Christmas morning

29. Do you save or recycle bows?: yes

30. Have you done much online shopping?: not so far

31. Who gives you the most gifts?: my family

32. Have you ever had a secret Santa?: yes!

33. Do you like wrapping gifts?: not that much

34. Do you put change in those red buckets?: every time

35. Do you burn a yule log?: no fireplace, but this year a good friend made a yule log candle holder for me

36. Did you ever stay up all night waiting for Santa?: Never made it all the way through, but one year I woke up extra early and caught my mom "peeking in the stockings."

37. Do you bake cookies?: not like I used to.

38. Have you ever seen your mommy kissing Santa Claus?: nope

39. Have you ever gotten a kiss under the mistletoe?: yup

41. Do you drive around and look at the Christmas lights?: several times through the season.

42. Have you ever left Santa cookies?: and a carrot. Each year we'd pick a different reindeer to get the carrot.

43. Have you ever sat on Santa's lap?: I'm sure I did.

44. Who do you celebrate Christmas with?: my family

45. Where do you celebrate Christmas?: at my parents'

46. Have you ever had a white Christmas?: occasionally

47. What part of Christmas do you look most forward to?: "that Christmas feeling."

48. Have you ever had your picture taken with Santa?: yes

49. Does your family always take pictures at Christmas? yes, usually

50. Have you ever heard the song "Thank God For The Kids"?: I don't think so.

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