Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas meme 2

...yet another one swiped from Kwizgiver, your holiday source for swipeable memes.

1. Getting kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow? under the mistletoe

2. Santa or Rudolph?: Santa

3. Stocking or presents?: presents

4. Egg nog or hot cider?: nog

5. Angel or Star?: star

6. Decorating the tree or putting lights on the outside? the tree

7. Warm fires or sleigh rides?: warm fires

8. Expensive presents or presents that come from the heart?: from the heart

9. Snow ball fight or snowman?: snowman

10. Will you be getting coal or presents?: presents

11. Giving or Receiving presents?: both

12. Open presents quick or slow? slow

13. Caroling or Christmas stories? caroling

14. Snowy days or icy days?: snowy days

15. Red or Green?: red

16. Nightmare before Christmas or The Santa Claus?: The Santa Clause

17. Dasher or Dancer?: Dasher

18. Prancer or Vixen? Vixen

19. Comet or Cupid?: Cupid

20. Donner or Blitzen?: Blitzen

21. Fake tree or Real tree?: fake

22. Prime Rib or Ham?: prime rib

23. Red and White Candy Canes or Colorful Candy Canes? traditional red and white

24. Get up early or sleep in late?: sleep in late

28. Scrooge or Tiny Tim?: Scrooge

29. Ornaments or a Wreath?: wreath

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