Thursday, December 09, 2010

Catching up on Holidailies, Day 3

2010-12-08 - Childhood holiday traditions that you’re happy not to follow as an adult.

I can't think of a tradition from my childhood that we don't celebrate, especially now that we've moved closer to family. In fact, we've returned to some that I'd left behind. Most notably, that's the big family Christmas dinner.

Mom makes a big Christmas dinner, starting shortly after presents are opened, and cooks all day. There can be as many as 30 people joining in. Naturally, everyone's expected to pitch in. Mom's an excellent cook, and the dinners are always special and joyful, including using the good china and silver. And then we all pitch in for clean-up. The only drawback is that it's exhausting.

When we lived too far away to visit, I started a tradition called "bits and pieces." I made everyone's favorite frozen hors d'ouevres and junk food - from tater tots and pizza rolls to scallops wrapped in bacon, pierogi, won tons, you name it. As long as all we had to do was toss it in the oven or in some boiling water. Then we'd all sit together watching holiday movies, enjoying each others' company, maybe playing with new toys or reading new books while we ate. It was relaxed and laid back. Hardly healthy, but healthy eating is for New Years.

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