Friday, November 12, 2010

Feel the Force Friday

Anakin Padawan by Patricia Watwood, via Wired. Part of a series of Star Wars-based portraiture

via Buzzfeed

Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid by JasonBartholme

Darth Vader takes some "me-time"

Definitely worth the 5 minutes

Solidifying the connection between Disney and Star Wars: Darth  Belle, one of three Disney Darths by Joseph B222 via Superheroeen

Newsflashback! Prowse spoils biggest movie twist/reveal in history! via io9
Star Wars pop culture/history at Podpocalypse

click to embiggenate, insanely detailed Millennium Falcon schematic via The Daily What.

 sign on a telephone pole in Galway, Ireland via The Daily What
found him! (via Reddit)

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