Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book review: The Search, Nora Roberts

The Search
The Search, Nora Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like Roberts' work, and will give any of her new books a try, however I went into this one with less enthusiasm than usual. I'm not a dog person, really, and didn't have much interest in a story with a heroine who is a dog trainer.

However, Roberts made the descriptions of the training very interesting. I actually found myself wanting a dog. In theory. Fiona, the heroine, was likable. Simon, the hero, was a bit of a harder sell. At least, he was a harder nut to crack.

Roberts obviously put a lot of time and research into the details of dog training, woodcarving, and life on Orcas Islands, and it shows in her great descriptions.

The story begins with Fiona living on Orcas Island off Washington, training dogs and working with Search and Rescue. Eight years earlier, she had narrowly escaped a serial killer. Simon is a wood artist/carpenter, newer to the island, and they meet through Fiona's stepmother, who is his art dealer.

As the story progresses, a copycat killer is stalking the Pacific Northwest with the same M.O. as Fiona's attacker.

The story flowed along smoothly and believably up until the climax, when it went a little off the rails. I would have preferred a more realistic resolution, but otherwise found the story satisfying.

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  1. I'm a Nora Roberts fan too. I haven't read this one but I will. I'm surprised the ending was off. That's not like a Nora Roberts' book. Oh well, she can't be perfect every time.