Monday, August 09, 2010

My someday kitchen

I've seen several arrangements of plates on walls that have appealed to me for a potential as I design my kitchen. Of course, I'd have to find plates that have some meaning to me.

A "Mighty Oak Leaf" hex sign represents our time in Pennsylvania, the autumn colors that New England is famous for, and my autumn birthday. The sign itself represents strength and longevity. This one is by Brandy Naugle

A copy of spritzdekor represents the German part of our heritage. From Jane's Apron.

I love this darling print from Ola Design, and it reminds me of our dear departed "Reggie" the hedgehog.

Rosemaling, for our Scandinavian heritage. via Squidoo

Salt dough wreath, for our French heritage

Celtic knot, for our Irish/Scot/English/Welsh heritage

Four seasons tree print

Finding a sample of the family plaid would be a nice touch, too.

I've been thinking about either a bottlecap or penny backsplash behind the sink, and painting the counters so that they match each other. Copper could be fun, if I go the penny route.

I have a great print by Frank Galasso, of Rhode Island icons:
This has to stay, since I have nowhere else to put it. Which makes Kitchen Kitsch a necessity, without going over the top.

Now for the cupboards:
I like this concept from Better Homes & Gardens
I'd put make it changeable with the seasons and use it for the plain white overhead cabinets. They don't match the lower ones anyway, so this would tie the kitchen together a little better.

Also, I'd add some height to the dry sink somehow.

For the dinner table, I love this runner made out of recycled doilies:
via Re-Nest

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