Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Window Views

hosted by Mary T., Window Views is a weekly photomeme for doors and windows. Join in, and visit Mary and the other participants!

Buffet for Top of Tweet Up
This white structure sits on the deck atop the Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island, rightly called "Top of Newport." At one time it was the private roof access for the hotel owners, and contained a spiral staircase. Now filled in, it's simply a storage room for the bar and grill.

You can read about our tweet-up at the Top of Newport at


  1. I am distracted by the spread on the table :) Yummmmmmmm

  2. wouldn't that have been a lovely exit from a spiral staircase to the roof.... nice that they kept and are using it,
    how was the food, btw?

  3. Thanks for the feedback! The food was excellent. Hotel Viking is a quality historic hotel, so you'd expect that they'd have decent food, and they didn't disappoint.

    You can read about it in our Rhode Island blog at