Sunday, July 25, 2010

Accountability: The Lazy Sunday List

It's nearly noon and other than reduce the number of unread feeds in my Bloglines account, I have not accomplished anything. While I'm a fan of lazy Sundays in general, today I feel like I should do something.

Since I consider making a list an accomplishment in itself, I shall do that, and mark off the items as they're done.
  1. Make a list of things to do.
  2. Write a post about my trip to the Unisphere and meeting Mary
  3. Write a post on the I {heart} Rhody blog about yesterday's "Can't Stop the Serenity" fundraiser
  4. Make 1/2 gal. of iced tea
  5. Spray paint the Advent Calendar (couldn't do it; it rained)
  6. Go to CVS and get the school supplies that are on sale.
  7. 2 loads of laundry
  8. Make summer salad.
  9. Scrounge around to see if I have the materials to make the tea wreath, and make a list of supplies we need, but don't have.
  10. Read 31 pages in The Beautiful Cigar Girl.
  11. Call Nana
  12. Walk 1 mile
  13. Watch The Princess and the Frog
  14. Listen to one work of classical music.
  15. Take an art shot or two.
  16. Upload 5 items to DevArt.
  17. Get my hair cut
  18. Get the extra bed frame out of Bear's room.
  19. Bring the window frame in from the garage.
  20. Get the filter installed in the turtle tank (we went outside to discover that our turtle has vanished from his tank. Instead of putting the filter in, we're putting up signs around the neighborhood)(we've since learned that a neighbor found Elmo and put him in a local pond.)
  21. Move the goldfish to a new tank
  22. clean the a/c filter.

It's not noon yet. I can do this!

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