Thursday, May 06, 2010

Which of the Ten Commandments are you?

You Are "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother"

You may or may not have the most honorable parents, but you try to respect and honor them whenever possible.

In general, you think that people should focus on their families more. Charity begins at home.

You also believe that younger generations should do a better job taking care of their elders.

It saddens you to see how older people are treated in most cultures. You think it's truly a disgrace.

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  1. How interesting.

    I am
    "Thou Shalt Not Covet"

    You believe that people are too materialistic and too envious these days.

    No matter what, the person who ends up with the most toys still dies.

    You think it's important to deal with your own life and spiritual path - not how you stack up against your neighbor.
    Comparing yourself to others always brings problems. You try bring your focus inward