Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday movie meme

This week's movie topic is all about Bugs...

Share on your blog others instances of those crawly critters and link back here at The Bumbles. And don't forget to visit your fellow participants!

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Arachnophobia: Jeff Daniels battles a lifelong fear of spiders as an accidentally imported, deadly South American spider. John Goodman is an awesome exterminator.

Men in Black: Lest we forget, Messers Smith and Jones were hunting a giant bug, intent on world destruction.

The Fly (1958): Classic camp, but the creepy, whiny, buzzing "Heeeelllp Meee" has stayed in the vernacular for generations.

The Fly (1986): Jeff Goldblum's disgusting odyssey from man to fly is as disturbing as it is scary.


  1. Good choices. John Goodman's one of the few things I remember from Arachnophobia.

  2. Remember the scene in The Fly when Genna Davis is in labor, yelling, "Get this thing out of me!!!!"? I can't forget it. Ew! ICK! (Guess that's what makes a good horror movie, huh?)

  3. I cannot BELIEVE that we didn't think of MIB. The first one was such a fun romp. They did to those bugs what most of us would love to do :0)

  4. What fun choices! :-) I had forgotten that MIB was a bug hunt.

  5. Did you know "Arachnophobia" is listed as a comedy by our DVR?