Saturday, February 27, 2010

Divided attention

I've been posting less recently, and there's a reason for that. About six weeks ago, in the doldrums of January, I decided that Bear and I have been too housebound.

We moved to Rhode Island a year and a half ago for a reason. Because we like it and we want to be here. It started out with a flurry of sightseeing, and had dwindled down to making lists of places we wanted to see, but not actually going there.

To motivate us to get out of the house and into Rhode Island, I created the I {heart} Rhody blog. With an expanded list of places to see, including local businesses and craftspeople, and focusing exclusively on our travels within Rhody, it's been keeping us busy.

Drop in to say hello, or give us ideas of things to do and see. Out-of-staters may have heard of a sight, event or business and like to know about our experiences there.

Your can also follow our adventures on Twitter and our Facebook page.

endomental will continue, but a little more scaled-back. Hope to see you!

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