Monday, January 18, 2010

movie review: Wall Street

Yes, it took me this long to finally see Wall Street. I have no real interest in the stock market. Perhaps even less interest now than I did 20-odd years ago.

This movie, although its message may be relevant today, did not age well. It's very much a product of its time: the go-go 80s. It's the clothing and decor that are the main distractions, though. Michael Douglas was very believable as Gordon Gekko, the reptilian Zen master of greed. Charlie Sheen worked as the eager up-and-comer, with father Martin Sheen as his man-of-the-people dad. Darryl Hannah was the weak link as Sheen's love interest. I never did figure out what she was supposed to be.

The story chronicles a young man's sacrifices as he rises quickly as a stock trader, and how he finally finds the limit of his own greed, and the price of redemption. It was a good movie, but having seen it, I don't feel that I need to watch it again.

Wall Street is on the list of Top 100 movie quotes for "Greed is good."

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