Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Movie Meme

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This week's topic is all about

Monstrous implies huge, scary, ugly. But monsters often get a bad rap. Sometimes, in the movies at least, they are just misunderstood.

  • Mad Monster Party. An old claymation film that probably nobody remembers. I can't even get it on Netflix! Dr. Frankenstein has decided to retire, and calls all the movie monsters together to name his successor.
  • Hannibal Lechter: Silence of the Lambs. Quantico student Clarice Starling must get into the head of imprisoned serial killer/psychiatrist Hannibal Lechter in order to stop serial killer "Buffalo Bill" before he strikes again. But can she keep the seductive Dr. Lechter out of her head?
  • Michael Myers: Halloween. What caused little Michael to suddenly snap and become a murderous psychopath? Beyond the general slasher/screamer genre, there's also scary little psychotic children, and the reminder that we're all just this close to an unexplained psychotic break.
  • Godzilla: Godzilla (1998). Poor, misunderstood Godzilla. All she wanted was a safe place to hide until her eggs hatched.
  • Rhoda Penmark: The Bad Seed. Speaking of creepy kids... Rhoda drowns a classmate because he won the spelling medal and she didn't. And she doesn't see why that's a problem.
  • Graboids: Tremors. For most of us, the ground beneath our feet is stable, reliable and constant. That's one of the reasons that earthquakes are so emotionally devastating. Now imagine if the earth is not only unstable, but liable to break open and release a monster that will eat you alive. Freaky.
There are so many, many more that I could use, but these are right off the top of my head.


  1. my kids love tremors and watch it quite often. I'm not much into those scary movies!

  2. Tremors rocks. Whenever we channel hop into ANY of the series, we stop, look, and listen. LOVE those movies and especially #1.

  3. What is this Mad Monster Party of which you speak?! That sounds tremendous! Netflix needs to make that one available.