Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How should you stay warm?

You Should Stay Warm by Building a Fire

You are an independent, self starting type of person. You are quick to act and make decisions.

You wouldn't just sit around and be cold... you'd make sure and do something about it.

You are a natural leader. You like to be around other people, and you usually end up directing things.

You are usually fearless. And when you are afraid, you try to confront your fears. You aren't about to be intimidated by a bit of fire.


  1. You Should Stay Warm by Bundling Up
    You are a rational and logical person.
    My result !
    You are good at solving problems.
    So if you're cold, it makes sense to just put another layer on. You are very practical that way.

    You are rarely unprepared in life. You would never forget your gloves and hat on a cold day.
    You're ready for anything that comes your way. By being responsible, you find it easy to relax and enjoy life.

    There is nothing true, lol I always forget something especially gloves, keys and my glasses I am never ready for anything but I enjoy life, yes !