Wednesday, January 20, 2010

enviro-mental: The Dollar Store kitchen re-do

Coming just in time as I angst about how to decorate my rental kitchen...

Curbly contributor lilybee took her rental kitchen from this...

to this

It's amazing what a coat of paint and some vinyl placemats can do for a living space. I have both hope and inspiration!



  1. What's that between the counter and the cabinets? Is that what she did with the vinyl placemats? Are they affixed? I'm sorry for all the questions, but the previous owner used contact plastic in my kitchen and I don't think the poor little room could take that again!

  2. Gal, she used vinyl placemats held on with thumb tacks. But the upper cabinet doors were covered with contact plastic that has held up for more than three years. It's rugged stuff.