Thursday, December 10, 2009

25 Questions for Christmas

Found this at Vodka Logic, though the original questions were posted by Mandy's Life After 30

(1) What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Probably "It's a Wonderful Life." Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors.

(2) What is your LEAST favorite Christmas movie?
"Christmas In Wonderland," which has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

(3) What is your favorite Christmas song?
"O Holy Night."

(4) What Christmas song(s) drives you crazy?
"Happy Christmas (War is Over)."

(5) What is your favorite Christmas drink? (i.e. egg nog, hot chocolate)
Hot chocolate with a splash of Baileys is awesome.

(6) What is your favorite Christmas memory?
I can't think of a specific one that's my favorite. It'll be this year's, I'm sure.

(7) What is the best toy/gift you've received on Christmas?
My youngest child was born on 12/30. Close enough to count.

(8) What is the worst toy/gift you've received on Christmas?
Worst? I can't really think of any bad presents.

(9) What do you LOVE about the holidays?
The holiday spirit and the lights. Seeing the lights puts me in the holiday spirit.

(10) What annoys you about the holidays?
Crowds at the stores.

(11) Do you prefer star or angel on top of a Christmas tree? Or something else?
I like the star.

(12) What is your family favorite recipe at Christmas?
Mom's plum chicken appetizer or spinach soup.

(13) Are you a Grinch or a Who at Christmastime?
I'd say I'm a Who, but I'm not nearly cute enough.

(14) Christmas light displays - Love them or Hate them?
Love love love them!

(15) Santas at the mall - Fun times or Creepy?
Fun times!

(16) Christmas cards - do you send them, yes or no?
I stopped sending cards for economic and ecologic reasons about five years ago.

(17) What is the best thing about Christmas, in your opinion?
The sense of wonder and excitement, especially in the kids.

(18) What is the worst thing about Christmas?
The feeling that there isn't enough time to do everything.

(19) When do you put the tree up and take it down?
We put it up December 6 (St. Nicholas Day) and take it down January 6 (Epiphany).

(20) Out of the 12 days of Christmas, which day and item would you want your true love to give to you?
I'd have to go with the golden rings.

(21) Why do you think that Grandma got run over by a reindeer?
"She'd been drinking too much eggnog, and we begged her not to go
but she forgot her medication, so she staggered out the door into the snow."

(22) Who is your favorite reindeer?
Blitzen. I don't know.

(23) Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Santa Claus will always come to my house.

(24) What is your favorite smell at Christmastime?
Pine or cinnamon.

(25) What would make you happy at Christmas this year?
For everyone I'm with to be happy
under the tree.

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  1. I haven't seen "Christmas in Wonderland" but it can't possibly be worse than the Star Wars Christmas Special :-P