Sunday, December 06, 2009

2010 Books to read before I die challenge

One of my 2010 goals is to read 11 books. I'll use this challenge from Bibliophile by the Sea as inspiration.

the rules:

  • Between now and December 31, 2009, make a list of between 10 and 20 Books to Read Before You Die. (depending on interest, this may be an annual event challenge).

  • The books on your list can come from your stacks or the library, and be in print or audio format.

  • Overlaps with other challenges is fine with me.

  • Once you've created your post with tentative titles, THEN sign up using Mr. Linky, by pasting the link to your post, along with your name/blog name. This is how you will be registered.Finalize your list by 12/31/09 (no changes to the list after 12/31/09).

  • NOTE: If you don't have a blog, you can still sign up and join in the fun.

  • All bloggers who complete the challenge will be entered in giveaway to win an Amazon Gift Card.

  • Questions/comments, please feel free to comment or email me.

  • The books:

    January: The Grand Inquisitor's Manual (Jonathan Kirsch). I've started this several times and not finished. It's interesting, I just keep getting sidetracked. Update: I think it's time to admit that this just isn't going to happen. I've changed this month's read to Vision in White by Nora Roberts.

    February: The Guinea Pig Diaries. A.J. Jacobs' new one.

    March: The People of the Book. I liked Geraldine Brooks' other novels, so I'm looking forward to this one.

    April: Sleeping Naked is Green (Vanessa Farquharson). For Earth Day.

    May: Disapproving Rabbits (Sharon Stiteler). A silly, light springtime read.

    June: Confessions of an Ugly Step-sister (Gregory Maguire). I'm going to give this one a try, although I really didn't like Wicked.

    August: The Last Witch of Langenberg (Thomas Robisheaux). Another one I keep starting and not finishing.

    September: The Plague (Albert Camus). 'cause I'm morbid like that.

    October: The Ghost in Love (Jonathan Carroll). Sounds seasonal.

    November: How to be President: Where to go and what to do while you're in office (Stephen P. Williams). Sounds cool for the election cycle.

    December: Christmas Jars (Jason F. Wright). Holiday read.


    1. People of the Book is one of the best reads of 2009! Hope you enjoy it, too.

      Good luck with your challenge.

    2. So happy you joined this challenge. Hopefully, you will have fun too. ENJOY