Sunday, December 06, 2009

2009 holiday trail: Sprague Mansion

photo by eventective

The Bear and I went to Sprague Mansion's holiday open house today. The Sprague family built the original part of the house in the 1790s. With the Pawtuxet River running through their large tract of land, they were able to start several mills and were part of the original textile manufacturing in the colonies.

Through three generations the house was expanded. A Sprague (William) became Governor of Rhode Island. Another was a Civil War general and married the daughter of Salmon P. Chase, Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury.

Sprague Mansion now comprises three floors and a beacon tower. It was beautifully decorated, with a live four-piece woodwind band playing Christmas carols, three kinds of punch, cookies and cakes. We toured all the floors, and just love the place. Unfortunately, the Bear is still having problems from the flu/cold/lung ailment that won't go away. Her ears were so congested that she could hardly hear. I ended up signing quite a bit to her.

After Sprague, we went to the mall for eye doctor appointments, and shopped a little. Tonight it's a Christmas movie to round out the weekend.

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