Saturday, December 05, 2009

2009 holiday trail: Joy Homestead

photo: Lydia, Joy Homestead

I had to borrow the exterior shot, since it was rainy and overcast this afternoon.

Today the Bear and I took our first holiday foray of the season, to Joy Homestead in Cranston for their holiday open house. According to the brochure, the homestead was built ca. 1774, and started as a two-story building with a great room on the main floor and sleeping quarters above, for Job Joy, his wife and their ten children. Although Joy was too poor to afford a musket to serve in the militia, he and his family were able to watch as the British marched on the adjacent road toward Yorktown.

The homestead stayed in the family until 1901, and passed to other private owners until 1956 when the Cranston Historical Society acquired it in 1956. Harvey, one of the Historical Society members, was delighted to show us around and talk about the architecture and history of the place. The Society members were warm and friendly, some in costume, willing to talk about the building and life in the 1700s, and to share their enthusiasm for the place. One of the ladies, Marian, even shared her recipe for a terrific cookie/candy treat: "Anti-oxidant cookies."

Dried cranberries
Dark chocolate

Melt the dark chocolate in a double-boiler (or microwave). Stir in other ingredients and mix until coated. Spoon onto wax paper and let sit until hardened.

They can also be made with milk or semisweet chocolate, dried cherries, other types of nuts. Mix and match and enjoy!
General Washington
George Washington was in attendance.
The first thing I noticed when we went in was the smell of burning firewood. Wonderful!

Christmas Tree
Their pretty Christmas tree, surrounded by toys and books.

The bedroom with rope support and feather mattress.

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