Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend wrap-up

Wednesday: A surprisingly easy drive to New York to see the Eldest, the fiance, the Peeper and the Pappo. Sleeping babies meant we got to spend some grown-up conversation time. A rarity during visits with the grandbabies.

Thursday: Turkey! Thanksgiving does not officially begin until I see Tom the Turkey in the Macy's parade. Mission accomplished. Dinner went off with minimal hitch. It helped that there were more adults than children. The Peeper has developed a fascination for turkeys. She insisted on seeing the turkey in the oven multiple times. We found a photo of a live turkey on the Internet. She was so fascinated, we printed it out for her so she could carry it around with her. Not to be outdone, the Pappo insisted on having his own picture to carry around - of chickens.

Friday: Santa!! We took the Peeper and the Pappo to see Santa. Mid-afternoon, the mall wasn't all that crowded, and there was no line at all to see Santa. Neither baby wanted anything to do with Big Red, so they sat on Nena's lap instead. Nan and Dann came home, and we were able to visit with them, too.

Saturday: A quiet day with a minimum of shopping. I got an Advent calendar for the grandbabies.

Sunday: Home. What should have been a four-hour trip took seven. We were exhausted and glad to be home, but it was a good weekend.

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