Saturday, November 14, 2009

Movie review: 2012

Buildings crumble, waves wipe out the White House, California slides into the ocean and Yosemite becomes a supervolcano. Also, Woody Harrelson has a really cool hat. The effects were pretty cool, a dizzying ride of smoke, fire, flying glass and raging water. We're in a car, a limo, planes and eventually a giant Ark. The effects are so big, and so detailed, you'd have to watch them over and over to catch everything that's going on.

But wait. What's John Cusack doing in this movie? He was completely miscast as the everyman hero dad, and Danny Glover as the U.S. President was wasted and far too complacent.

I ended up leaving this movie feeling essentially the same way that I did after watching Pearl Harbor: they'd wasted a lot of time on a pointless plot. I'd have paid full admission to see just the disaster sequences and then go home.

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