Sunday, October 04, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 349

1. Yacht :: sailing
2. Paula :: Poundstone
3. Delete :: edit
4. Auto :: detailing
5. Obsolete :: useless
6. Dedicated :: devoted
7. Old :: antique
8. Convince :: believe
9. Poster :: movie
10. Erase :: clean

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  1. I haven't seen Paula Poundstone in years!

    Great mutterings! You're right, we do have a match.

  2. Poster-movie is such a great connection. I should have thought of that one.
    I love the heart petal on your daughter's skirt. Such a cool find! And have I mentioned that I love your festive header?! I love the color of the leaves, it's beautiful!
    Thanks so much for stopping by to see me so often. I love it!