Monday, October 05, 2009

Movie review: God on Trial

A Masterpiece Theatre presentation that looks at the question of whether God broke His covenant with the Jews by allowing the Holocaust. The trial takes place in a barracks in Auschwitz, shortly after the arrival of a "shipment" of Polish Jews. In order to make room for the new arrivals, the Nazis have made a selection of prisoners to be gassed, however due to a problem in timing the arrival of the train, the new prisoners arrive before the older ones can be dispatched.

While the prisoners await their fate, they engage in a debate that begins questioning the existence of God, but then delves into His nature. What kind of God allows the Holocaust? Can God be both loving and just? During the long and stressful night, these men of varying degrees of faith wrestle with these and other questions. The conversation is powerful and thought-provoking.

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