Thursday, September 10, 2009

Movie review: Surveillance

I like Julia Ormond. I think she's a lovely, talented actress. However, I've been disappointed with her choices of roles on many occasions. This is one of them.

Surveillance starts out interestingly enough. Two FBI agents come to a small town police station to question three witnesses to a serial killing. Each witness tells a very different story, and we get to see the real action unfold during the telling.

The movie is atmospheric and well-shot, and the characters are interesting, even if some of the acting is over-the-top and the situations unbelievable.

Nevertheless, I wanted to like it, but found myself impatient, as I often am with "arty" films.

I don't want to spoil the ending, so I won't go any further than this. I will say that I didn't really see it coming.

Bill Pullman is also in this, which I was pleased to see. Say what you will about his acting (and many have), I like him. I just wish I'd seen both actors in a more enjoyable film.

Julia Ormond, if you're listening (and I know you aren't), please come back to Hollywood and leave the hack indie stuff to actresses I don't want to watch.

Not recommended.

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