Tuesday, September 15, 2009

book of seasons: September holidays

First Monday: Labor Day...United States

1. Birthday of Zoroaster - prophet and mystic, founder of Zoroastrianism...Persia

2. Grape Vine Festival - honors Ariadne and Dionysis...Greece

3. Path Clearing Festival - blessings from the well god...Ghana/Lakon - women's healing ceremony...Hopi

4. Changing Woman Ceremony - female coming-of-age ceremony...Apache

7. Healer's Day - dedicated to healers.

8. Water festival - thanksgiving feast honoring springs and water sprites...Tibet

10. T'wan Yuan Chieh - women's feast of reunion, a Moon festival honoring Ch'ang-O...China

11. Patriot's Day - as it's called. Honors the memory of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania...United States

13-14: Fire Lighting Ceremony - honors Nephthys and the spirits of the dead...Egypt

18. Chung-Ch'iu - Harvest Moon festival (birthday of the moon)...China

19. Fast for Thoth - honors the god of wisdom and magic...Egypt

21. Feast of Divine Life - honors the Triple Goddess...Egypt

22. Autumn Equinox

23. Festival of Nemesis - goddess of Fate...Greece

27. Choosuk - Moon festival, honors spirits of the dead...South Korea, Taiwan/Birthday of Athena...Greece

30. Festival of Themis...Greece

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