Monday, September 07, 2009

book of seasons: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation advent calendar

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Ever since I saw National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, I've wanted this advent calendar. It's an absolutely stunning Victorian mansion with beautiful artwork hidden behind shaded windows. The whole thing can be lit from within, giving both the open and closed windows a soft, warm holiday glow.

I finally found it at I was dismayed to find that only 250 of the houses are made each year, and that they cost $449 each, plus shipping! The house has to be ordered a year in advance, too.

The advance ordering, I can understand. It must take a long time to construct something of this quality and craftsmanship. Although the price is extraordinarily high, when you consider it in terms of the heirloom-quality, it may be worth it. It's good-sized, too, at 31.25" W x 21.5"H x 11"D. 22 pounds, and will take up a bit of space.

I still want one, though I doubt it will ever be something I'm able to own.

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