Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Movie review: The Glass Menagerie

Based on Tennessee Williams' stage play, the movie is set in a small apartment in St. Louis, home to an aging belle, her neurotic daughter and put-upon son. Katharine Hepburn plays Mama Amanda, who was once a much sought-after beauty, but has been raising her children alone since her husband disappeared on her.

She leans hard on her son, played by Sam Waterston (Law & Order), who supports the family but dreams of a bigger brighter life outside the tenement where he lives and the factory where he works.

She coddles her daughter, a nervous girl with a limp and an inferiority complex. Laura is painfully shy and unable even to attend school without becoming physically ill. Mama wants a young man for Laura, but prospects are few.

The story, told through the eyes of the son, hinges on what happens when he brings a friend (Michael Moriarty) from work home to meet his sister.

I liked the movie, but I have a hard time not liking Katharine Hepburn. It was cool to see Sam Waterston and Michael Moriarty (both from Law & Order) together in the film.

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