Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lifehacker Round-Up

It's past time to clear out my cache of Lifehacker goodies: ideas so good I had to share.

  1. 20-minute homemade yogurt. I must try this.
  2. Cook for Good. Meal plans that are local, in-season and inexpensive. Loving this idea, having a little trouble getting started.
  3. Fresh bread in 5 minutes. Start with the famous no-knead bread recipe...

  1. DIY dryer balls. Useful and fuzzy.
  2. Homemade fruit picker. Next year, we'll finally get the cherries on those top branches.

  1. Calculate how long you'll be in debt. I love those calculators. I hate the results they give me.
  2. Change perception to become a better negotiator: I'm not very good at haggling. Maybe this will help.

Getting things done (Lifehacker's stock-in-trade):
  1. Refocus tracks your goals. Monthly goal tracking printable.

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