Wednesday, August 26, 2009

enviro-mental archives: Keeping the homefires burning at Gaiam

Green, sustainable living site Gaiam offers these two flame-bearing items, both worth a look.

The Eco-Glass Fireplace is a portable fire pit that uses clean-burning (no soot or smoke) renewable biofuel. It outputs CO2 and steam, in about the same amounts as human breath. According to the site, humidity levels increase with usage. It also comes with a variety of essential oils. It's beautiful and looks like it could be very useful, but it is expensive ($848, plus $160 per replacement fuel) and heavy at 60 lb.

The 13.5" Globe Candelabra is handmade rusted steel and holds eight candles. It can be set on a stand or suspended by its chain. I can completely see this hanging beside a bed, desk or sofa, or over a dining table. I love the organic, old-world look of it. $88.

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