Monday, August 31, 2009

enviro-mental archives: Inspired Wednesdays

A round-up of my favorite photos from the amazing site, Desire to Inspire.

She always finds the most awesome photos!

4/8 - "Hand"
I love the stone architecture of this room. It's like someone turned a castle into a sunroom.

4/3 "Bedroom project"
I just love this comforter and wish there was a closer picture of it.

4/2 "Hannes Söderland"
Up, up and away! What might have been an overly sweet Bed & Breakfast design takes it up a level with the loft bed above the door. Space-saving and charming.

3/25 "Mae Brunken"
I love the stairs up to the bed. Fantastic!

3/10 "Carrier and Company"
The re-use of the slop sink looks great. It makes a great kitchen counter.

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