Wednesday, August 26, 2009

enviro-mental archives: homemade linen spray

image: CasaSugar

Linen spray is one of those unecessary luxuries that really does improve quality of life. A slight spritz on the sheets in the morning before you make the bed creates a warm, welcoming, fresh environment for sleeping in the evening.

When I was a girl, my mother stored her linens with an open bar of Yardley's English Lavender soap. The sheets kept that faint scent when they went from the closet to the bed. Whatever your thoughts on the effectiveness of aromatherapy, lavender smells perfect on linens. You may have a different association. Popular scents for bed linens also include rose, chamomile, bergamot and jasmine. Some also combine scents. Bath & Body Works has a couple of linen spray scents, my favorite being Lavender Vanilla.

CasaSugar has posted a recipe to create your own, using three simple ingredients. This would reduce the cost significantly, as well as keep some of those funky extra chemicals off your pillow. As soon as my linen spray bottle is empty, I'm going to give this a try.


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