Monday, August 31, 2009

enviro-mental archives: Decorating the White House

Architectural Digest: White House
Architectural Digest's March issue runs a spread on First Lady Laura Bush's redecorating projects in the White House. Personally, I found much of the decorating to be bland, particularly in the Oval Office.

The photo above is of the East Sitting Hall. I've always loved that section of window, which deserves to be highlighted. I wish the photographer had pulled back to get a better shot of the space. It appears to be done in harvest gold, one of the least attractive colors to grace 70's decorating, and just seems outdated.

The Oval Office is a study in beige, terribly bland and uninteresting. Full credit, however, for using the Resolute desk.

Exceptions are the library, Lincoln Bedroom and the Queens' Bedroom. In the Lincoln Bedroom, they went back to period repros that represent the Victorian sensibilities of the era. It's a fitting allegory for our country's regard for Lincoln - simple, yet elegant, with a hint of royalty. The Queen's bedroom is feminine, but not fussy.

Nice job on the library, too. Which makes sense, since the First Lady is a librarian.

photo credits: Derry Moore for Architectural Digest

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