Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Tulip Award

Smiling Sally shared this pretty Tulip Award with her blogging buddies. It comes with a tag to answer some questions. I'm always up for an award, so off we go.

1. YOUR NICKNAME - I've been called Rikki since I was born. Probably before I was called by my real name.

2. YOU ARE - a bit lazy, but curious.

3. YOUR MOST SPECIAL PERSON - I can't pick just one person.

4. YOUR FAVORITE SONG - Just one? Probably "Let it Be" by the Beatles.

5. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD/DISH - Chicken Francaise, with white wine and lemon juice.

6. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU STRESS - money troubles, when they happen.

7. YOUR FAVOURITE COLOR - changes with my mood. I've been liking purple a lot lately, and I usually have a soft spot for pink.

8. THINGS THAT YOU MUST HAVE IN YOUR BAG - driver's license, cell phone, pen, paper, money, business cards, hairbrush, camera.

9. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED - I honestly don't remember.

10. TAG SIX OF YOUR FRIENDS - let's try Kwizgiver, The Gal Herself, The Bumbles, the Bear, MaryT and Annie Elf.


  1. Oh thank you! I can't see the Tulip Award image though - is it just me? We'll let you know when we post our responses! Nice to learn more about you - I like #2. I'm the same way - lazy but every now and then just curious enough about something to get me up and going :0)

  2. Hi Ericka. Fun questions but the picture isn't working for me. What does the pretty tulip look like?

  3. Good job! I'm glad you got the award.

  4. Thanks for the tag!!

    I also cannot see the image.